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  • Conquest of Mythodea 2013, Brokeloh, Germany

    Photoset v: Stuff

    All credits to the amazing photographers of the live-adventure team [x]

    Last week I was part of what people say is the biggest LARP event in the world. Over 8000 people in fantasy/medieval gear, fighting with awesome weapons, casting magic spells, healing the injured with alchemical potions.

    I know that many people think LARP is a weird hobby and only “introvert computer geeks” participate. But LARP and its people are so much more. It’s amazing how much time and love some people put into their costumes and how good they play their character during the week.

    The whole event was mostly just stunning and incredibly much fun. I met hundreds and thousands of extraordinary people who enjoy to be someone else somewhere else for a week. We fought, we cried, we celebrated together. We shouted our battle cries, we carried the injured from the battle field, we healed and we protected each other.

    There is nothing weird about LARP. It’s just plain epic.

    Of course I couldn’t make photos myself because there are no cameras in fantasy worlds. But the amazing live-adventure team did and as long as I link their page I’m alowed to show you the awesomeness that is Conquest of Mythodea. This is just one of many photosets I assembled. May you be as fascinated as I was. And may you be curious enough afterwards to try it one day.

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