I'm a twenty-something pansexual cis girl. I like humans. I study Creative Writing. I also recently started to run away from zombies.

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Don’t you ever wonder…







That the writers of Six to Start look over a script and go, “Yeah, that’ll fuck with ‘em…”

I mean.  God DAMN.

I’m sure that’s what they do, and nobody will ever convince me otherwise!

I mean, there’s a reason THIS is one of the few gifs our fandom has:


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“Lord let me find him,” sighed Inspector Javert, eyes searching the stars above with sorrow and longing. “That I may see him,

“…Safe behind bars,” he added quickly. Phew. Wouldn’t want those stars to get the wrong idea.

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When the Doktor decided to travel to the planet Bavaria to visit the famous Oktoberfest, he didn’t think that he would come across his old enemies, the Dalederhos’n. While trying to defend the planet from the evil Dalederhos’n, he drinks a lot of Weiznbier, eats way too many Bretzels and meets strange people whose language he can’t even understand (even the ZurDiR isn’t able to translate it properly)…

Nina and I did a thing.