I'm a twenty-something pansexual cis girl. I like humans. I study Creative Writing. I also recently started to run away from zombies.

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Fandom: In the Flesh (TV)

Relationship: Simon Monroe/Kieren Walker

Additional Tags: mention of suicide, general unhappiness, mention of wounds, mention of sex, Simon’s POV, One Shot

Wordcount: 2790

Summary:  "Kieren standing in front of Amy’s house, the seconds before he enters and turns around and kisses him. This is where Simon loses control of things. He dreams of this moment. He wonders if things could’ve been different."

Simon is constantly torn between his faith and his fascination for Kieren, the First Risen, the boy he has to kill. He wants to protect him, to shelter him. But they put a knife in his hand and told him he has to make them proud. Paid him in silver smiles and made a Judas out of him.

Set before Simon gets told to sacrifice the First Risen, with flashbacks to his time in London, and ultimately, to his own death.

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