I'm a twenty-something pansexual cis girl. I like humans. I study Creative Writing. I also recently started to run away from zombies.

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    get out the way // mother mother

    there’s spit on my face
    the hot breath of the human race
    and i know, i know, i’m supposed to integrate
    but how’s about instead i inch away?

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    great, amazing thing

    but why no black widow movie?!

    My thoughts exactly. Yey, Deadpool. But where are the at least 10 movies with female,POC or queer superhero leads they owe us? I guess they’ll be ignoring the fact that Deadpool is pansexual just like with Constantine…but yeah, I don’t think it’ll be important for the story and/or his character.

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  • massivedynamicgeek asked : I think by 'spin off", they mean that they story will be centered around Wade Wilson/Deadpool. There might be a few cameo x-men making appearances, like Channing Tatum as Gambit or maybe William Styker somewhere (because he's fucking everywhere, like in Vietnam and in Logan's nightmares).

    Ah, I see. Yeah well…all I care for is: Will there be Spiderman? Because let’s be serious, Deadpool is all about Spiderman, literally.

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  • Switched the TV on because I wanted to watch something dumb stuff so I didn’t have to think about all the stupid stuff that has been happening to me lately but Five Broken Cameras was on, an Oscar nominated documentary I always wanted to watch, and now I’m sad and angry at humans.

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    So…what is the name of the movie?

    it’s said in the post: The Rescuers Down Under. There is another movie with the rescuers  which is pretty good as well!

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    The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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    some other night vale things

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    the difference between this show and allllll the others: Jayne’s reaction to the hat is not AWWWW MOM WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME WEAR THIS HAT but, instead, is THIS IS THE AWESOME HAT Y’ALL DON’T EVEN KNOW.

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    The Sex Talk: YouTube edition.

    This video could have saved literally hundreds of thousands of people the embarrassment of the sex ed of my school days, holy crap. So useful. Saving this for about 10 years until my kid needs the talk.


    I just got more information in 6 minutes about sex than I was ‘taught’ at school

    Tomska is the best

    The hymen part is so important, because my first time was so fucking good and hot, it did not hurt and I did not bleed, and everybody make a big deal about it, when is different for everyone.

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    as much as i’d like to have story-altering options while playing assassin’s creed… they’d give birth to some seriously fucked up alternate timelines.

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